Mind My Own! Racist Sharpton! Warrior! Doom?

Damn straight! Minding my own business and you mind yours!

Especially any elected politicritter of Government goon!

Shock Poll: Americans Want To Mind Their Own Business


Who cares what Al ‘Racist’ Sharpton has to say?


He brings nothing but Racism to the table and as a so called Reverend…is a big joke!!!

Weasel Al Sharpton Opposes Changes in North Carolina Voting Law


A real warrior. To bad he has to receive his Medal from a fake pResident!!

Soldier to receive Medal of Honor


And we should really care?

Where is my little violin?

And some cheese to go with his whine!!

Top Saudi investor says US energy boom could doom kingdom’s economy

Their probably the ones pulling Buck Ofama’s strings to NOT approve the Keystone and help the USA become energy INdependent!!!


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