Sequester? Precious Metals! Hypocrite! How Lame? No Thanks?

What sequester?

That is only for you peons and subjects…Not for Royalty like Buck Ofama and Mooch!!

Obama takes 11 pals golfing – flies some in from Hawaii

Nor for Judges….

Sequester cuts don’t deter luxury conferences for judges


Invest in precious metals?

I did a bit more yesterday!!

Smith & Wesson: Analysis And Management Meeting Imply 100% Upside Potential


The hypocrisy of the left! I know a LIEbural being a hypocrite!

A Hollywierdo..

Public School Advocate Matt Damon Enrolls Kids in Private School


How lame is the lamestream media..?

Known today as State Run Propaganda?

Pretty damn lame and pointless reading these articles!!

Both Congress and IRS Union Squirm to Get Out of ObamaCare; Networks Punt

CNN Hasn’t Covered IRS Scandal for Eleven Days

CNN Money Ignores States Saying ObamaCare Is Driving Up Insurance Costs

ABC Gushes Over Radical, Pro-Obama Priest Who Accused U.S. of ‘Raping’ ‘People of Color’

MSNBC’s Harris-Perry Finds Rapist Castro’s House Reminds Her of Colleges and U.S. Military

MSNBC’s Sharpton Slams ‘Immoral, Unjust, Un-American’ GOP Agenda

Superficial CBS Touts Handsome JFK in Story on His Infidelities


This is why we have elections…

This is why we need to vote.

And if the vote is fraudulent….vote with the next ‘box’!

Florida anti-gun mayor says ‘no thanks’ to gun range in her city



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