Facebook Censorship! Media Silence! CAIR! Hate! History!

Facebook strikes again!!!

1 Million Truckers to Shut Down America Has Facebook Page Pulled

  Facebook will allow pages promoting jihad, Islamist ideas and any other foul disgusting thing you can think of but will pull pages like Truckers to Shut Down America and Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children for promoting conservative and/or Christian beliefs. That makes sense when the owners and admins of Facebook are in cahoots with government and in bed with big money men.

No outrage..
No shills named Jackson, Sharpton, Obama hollering and accusing others of racism…Just…chirp..chirp..chirp..

Black-on-white beatings leave 3 more dead


Endorsed and supported by Obama and Holder….

Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas Front Group CAIR: Money Laundering Out of US Capital

The largest Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas front group in America is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). After three years of litigation in federal court in Washington, D.C., AFLC has uncovered facts demonstrating that CAIR has been running a global criminal money laundering operation out of the nation’s capital.

The money laundering scheme was discovered in the course of legal discovery in unrelated federal litigation arising out of allegations by five of CAIR’s former clients that CAIR defrauded them by failing to provide the legal services they had been promised. (See here for the latest update in that case).

Well it is a sin!!
Leviticus 18:22 (KJV): “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind it is abomination.”

Gay activists launch complaint against teacher who included homosexuality on list of possible sins

If that offends some of the readers of this site..
Did not read this!!

My Blog, Not Yours. Offends you? Too Bad!!!


Here is hate. Here is intolerance. Here is the enemy that Obama backs in Syria..

Muslim Terrorist in Kenya: ‘There Are Jewish And American Shops, So We Have to Attack Them’


Guns, Slavery, and Lessons from History


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