Obama’s Allies! Media BiASS!

Are murderers, terrorists, thugs etc..

Islamic Terror Groups Are Killing Christians All Over The World & Obama Wants Us To Ally With Them…


Media BiASS!!!

Lois Lerner Retires from IRS, Big Three Networks Censor

Thats one way to get out of it!!

Today Show Ignores Lois Lerner’s Retirement But Aired Two Segments on Obama’s Smoking Comments

Media lack of impartial coverage.


CNN Anchor Says ObamaCare Defunders ‘Lied,’ Are ‘Holding the American People Hostage’

More false propaganda!

CBS Plays Softball with Bill Clinton on Hillary’s Future, Global Initiative Questions

Sigh…Suck ups…

NBC’s Al Roker Pals Around With Biden, Jokes About Their ‘Bromance’

Suck ups…




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