Nobody? Anti-Gun! Taxes! Moving! Undoing?

BO: ‘We Leave Nobody Behind’

Really? Does ‘Benghazi’, a dead Ambassador Stevens and 3 others ring any bells you damn hypocrite??


Contact your Senator…This anti gun LIEberal Judge should be booted!!

Senate Committee to Vote on Anti-Gun Judge, Robert Wilkins for Nation’s 2nd-Highest Court

Nevertheless, the Obama administration would like to turn the critical D.C. circuit into a liberal stronghold like California’s Ninth Circuit — and it is threatening to blow up the Senate rules in order to do so.


No wonder it is a struggle to balance living expenses that continue to increase, with wages that cannot keep up, because of rising costs imposed on hard working middle class taxpayers by elitist politicians whom sit in Washington and St Paul making sure their benefactors and those leeches and parasites paying no taxes and getting benefits promised them by these same assO politicians…Whom pander for votes, buy votes and prostitute themselves to get votes..

3 Trillion Reasons Not to Raise Taxes Again


This is what businesses do when you vote stupid laws into place that affects said businesses…They move, therefore depriving the offensive states, jobs and taxable income, and you know how well Politicians like to lose tax dollars, they will just find someone else to tax.

Moving to states that do not have stupid anti business laws…

Henry Repeating Arms to Manufacture Rifles in Wisconsin

American Tactical Imports Announces Relocation to South Carolina


Forget it!

I have every right to protect myself!

Will Durban be there if I am ever attacked? I have no ‘bodyguards’ no ‘police’ hovering about me, or my family! So therefore the onus is on me to take care of myself and my loved ones!!

Dick Durbin Calls for Undoing of ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws


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