John Boehner fires the top conservative in the House Republican Study Committee

Boehner is a damn RINO…Needs to retire and one more reason of many for term limits..

America's Watchtower

  Just over one year ago John Boehner punished the conservatives in the Republican party by removing them from key budget committee positions, he did this because they had the gall to challenge the status quo in Washington and he did not like people challenging his authority. After all, he feels his power is his natural born right. John Boehner did not like the way they voted on budget issues; in other words they failed to fall in lockstep with the elitist, ruling class establishment Republicans so they had to be taught a lesson.

  After doing this John Boehner turned around and threatened more conservatives with the same punishment if they did not fall in line with the establishment. And yesterday it appears as if John Boehner made good on this threat.

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