But wait!

Isn’t heroin illegal?

How can anyone find it if it is ‘illegal’?

And now it is a crisis?

Just wait until you make ‘guns’ illegal…


Right to Carry legislation…

It should be so..


One always wonders about this type of story..

One hopes like hell they are not true!


Another gun grabbing Obama nominee whom needs a good boot in the ass..


This is so true…Whom is always playing and promoting the ‘racist’ card?

The leftists….


So true…

How can you pick and choose what an Amendment protects?

You cannot…But they politicians and leftists thin they can..


Leftists, twisting turning…lying, changing facts…Is how they operate..

Truth? Facts? Nope..


Is true….Turn the other cheek?

Not this Christians…


Gun confiscation leads to what?

Besides increased violent crime against an unarmed populace?

A tyrannical government is what..


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