Miscellany ………..

What is with these senile old politicians?

Free speech is only as they define it?



The Democrat Party…Co opted by the Mafia it appears..


Hey Buck Ofama!!
Appears more and more are catching onto your propaganda and illicit activities..



Elitist lawyer puts foot in big pile of steaming crap..

Own it..


Not Foreign powers defeating our military..

Is that communist asshole in the White House..


Another senile old Politician whom needs to be charge for the crimes he has committed against Americans and for being a prick.



I’m waiting bitch!



Because they would be shown to be the assholes?

As they are?


How about those folks in NY wise up and banish you?

Your a hell of a reason to own a gun!!


Where were the Police?


Yeah we now how well that works out!!

Good thing there was a good guy with a gun there!!


Men, women..I don’t care!
But tell me whom in our current government does anything to earn 100K plus a year?

No one!!









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