Polar bears threatened by ice which is too thick!

America's Watchtower

  We have been told for years about the polar bears and how their very existence has been threatened by global warming and melting ice caps. Well, according to this article the polar bears in Alaska are indeed threatened by the ice…..because the ice is too thick!

Five meters of ice– about 16 feet thick – is threatening the survival of polar bears in the Southern Beaufort Sea region along Alaska’s Arctic coast, according to Dr. Susan J. Crockford, an evolutionary biologist in British Columbia who has studied polar bears for most of her 35-year career.


That’s because the thick ice ridges could prevent ringed seals, the bears’ major prey, from creating breathing holes they need to survive in the frigid waters, Crockford told CNSNews.com

  Remember this story about the climate scientists who traveled to the Antarctic to prove the ice was melting only to get stuck in the…

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