Miscellany ……………..


A traitor has been threatened and our Obama Regime will protect said traitor…

Did you expect anything different from our current Regime?


When we got distracted and quit paying attention..

Used to our ‘easy’ lifestyle..

Became obsessed with’things’ and ‘stuff’ and cheap entertainment..

Watched the morons on TeeVee spout endless drivel and propaganda.

Carefree amongst the land of plenty..

And quit paying attention to politicians and those whom hunger for power and money..

And elected an unqualified community organizer was the final nail..

That’s when we failed..

At least that is my opinion!


Hey Buck Ofama!

Only tyranny will result from individuals surrendering their right to an Dictator!!

Not happening here..

Not without ammo expenditure!!


Shannon Watts says a good guy with a gun has never stopped a bad guy…

Showing her complete irrelevancy with that statement!!


Stop thinking!!

Otherwise Buck Ofama’s head thug will label you a terrorist!!

Buck Ofama..

Proclaims his DICKtatorship!!

I think this would turn out badly for pervert Dan Savage!!

But I’d like to see him try!!

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