Media BiASS: Ignorance is bliss…

ABC, CBS Ignore SCOTUS Ruling Against Unions and New V.A. Chief Nomination


On Monday, the Supreme Court dealt a blow to labor unions seeking to obtain more control over public employees who do not want to join the union. Despite the setback for union bosses, only the NBC Nightly News bothered to cover the ruling on Monday evening. In addition, President Obama nominated Robert McDonald to be the next Secretary of Veterans Affairs and fix the troubled agency yet ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer and the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley were nowhere to be found on this story either.


NBC’s Alexander Ponders With Wasserman Schultz: ‘What Should the Administration Do Now?’ About Conctraception


On Monday’s Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC, substitute host and NBC national correspondent Peter Alexander gave Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz the floor to sound off on the rulings from the Supreme Court on religious freedom and public employee unions. Not surprisingly, he refused to challenge the DNC Chair or even play devil’s advocate. Nor did Alexander bring on a Republican or conservative guest for the opposing perspective both before or after the segment.


NBC Ignores One of Israeli Teens Killed Was U.S. Citizen But Does Highlight Obama’s ‘Outrage’


On Monday, it was revealed that the three Israeli teens, one of whom was a dual Israeli-American citizen, who went missing two weeks were found dead, likely the victims of murder from the terrorist organization Hamas. While all three network evening news shows reported on the deaths of the three teenage boys, NBC Nightly News only provided a news brief and completely ignored that one of the boys, Naftaly Frenkel, was in fact a U.S. citizen, Anchor Brian Williams did find time to highlight how “President Obama was among those who expressed outrage over the killings.”


CNN Plays Up ‘Tough Year’ for Obama White House in Wake of Supreme Court Rulings


On Monday’s This Hour, CNN’s John Berman underlined that the Supreme Court’s ruling against the Obama administration’s contraceptive mandate was “another setback to the administration, in what has been a difficult year for this White House.” Berman later asserted that “this has to be very frustrating for them. They feel blocked politically, legally, foreign policy-wise. Pretty much, everywhere they look now, they’re getting blocked.”

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