Miscellany ………………….

Impressive…lots of them…

And what happens when you piss them off?

And also note they are not the ones causing the streets to run red with blood, as the media and anti gunners like to proclaim.


Successful Conservative woman, yeah the type the Left loves to hate, calls them out on the supposed War on Women!

Spineless, Whiner in Chief….runs and hides from his scandals..

Takes a man to own up to his mistakes and misdeeds, Obama is not the man!!


Another killing..

In St Paul..

And for what?


Ya think?

Of course the Feds are hoping for an ‘incident’!
So they can show their ‘Authority”!!

And crack down on those violent right wing extremists because of a crisis orchestrated by Obama and this regime of thugs!
Push, push, push….


The stupid is back….

Fire can’t melt steel!!!

Yeah that stupid!!


This woman would have gotten smacked..

And I use the term woman loosely…

Hard…Bitch..Tolerant of nothing…


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