Miscellany …………..

A pResident on dope…


Moonbat Alert!!

As in Elizabeth Warren…

Negotiate with terrorists whom behead children!!??

How about we don’t..


 A vote for the Rights of Gun Owners!!

All will be fine now in Ferguson, Mo.

Al Sharpton has arrived!!


Well Minnesota did elect Jesse ‘Pink Boa’ Ventura as Governor..

So why not ‘Duke’ for Mayor?


The Clippers..

You know some Basketball team whose owner got in trouble over some racist comment..

Has a new owner…

An anti gun, rich LIEberal owner..


Round #187..

Of golf that is…

Not scandals, although they must be a close second..


Students revolt..

Against Mooch Obama’s vending machine mandates!!!



~ by MaddMedic on August 13, 2014.

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