Miscellany …………………

Coming soon to America?

The stupid that is sweeping Europe..

Banned vacuum cleaners?


What do Communists and Islamist Thugs have in common?

Hatred of Christians..

Now Cuba…


How does a business deal with an oppressive government telling what they can or cannot do?



Tax or surcharge..

ObamaScare continues to bite consumers…


 Striking for minimum wage!!
To be replaced by automated cashiers…


Mom’s Demand Action….


Is all they have left..

I’m thinking the shirtless dude should NOT be allowed anywhere like this!!


Another member of Bloomberg’s puppet group Mayors Against Illegal Guns is arrested…

For bribery charges…

Heh…and the media will report this….Never..


Another lie..

State Department ‘Big Bible Readers’!

So Kerry says..




Opens her mouth and crap falls out…

Now she is getting smacked for it…

And she is back pedaling rapidly!!


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