Morning Miscellany …………….

Nancy Pelosi…She of ‘We have to pass the Bill (obamaScare) to know what’s in it’!

Reading must be hard for her.

Caught in another lie…

But she is a career politician, self important, busily telling us peons and serfs how to live..


Obama’s scandal Regime…

Holder in another one?

Of course it involves guns and denying us out 2nd Amendment Rights..


Does not matter WHAT caliber your using…

If you cannot hit the damn target, won’t matter much what caliber it is!!

The phony lies used in the War on Women…

And loon Wasserman-Schultz has that pointed out to her!!

Called the Mooch a tranny..

And now she is dead..


Remember when?

Al ‘Clueless’ Gore told us all Polar Ice would be gone by now?


Not so much..


Self made idiot and racist Oprah…

Older people just have to die..

Bitch, effing worthless, bitch!

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