Ted Cruz claims Republican leadership cut off his fundraising after he shut down the government

America's Watchtower

Ted_Cruz John Boehner and the establishment elites within the Republican party have a history of punishing conservatives who dare to disagree with the leadership. John Boehner is especially well known for this in conservative circles: he has previously removed conservatives from key committee positions in 2012 for not falling in line; in 2013 he fired the top conservative in the Republican Study Committee; and again last year he punished those that dared to vote against His Excellency for Speaker of the House.

  And now, if Ted Cruz is telling the truth, we can add his name as well as  Mike Lee to the list of conservatives who have been punished by the establishment Republican leadership. It is not a secret that the establishment was very upset at these two people who actually tried to make good on their campaign promises instead of just paying them lip service as do…

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