We must end senseless Muslim murders, Insha’Allah!


Please see also, Reactions to San Bernardino and Colorado Springs murders

Guest Article: Sheik Mohamed ali-Bama is a well known Islamic scholar, humanitarian, redistributionist and the National Chairman of the Council on Islamic-Kafir Relations (CIKR). Here are his common sense insights into the December 2nd terrorist murders of the innocent, peace-loving Muslim parents of a sweet little baby girl in California.


We must immediately pass new laws against senseless murder. Those laws must affirm and support our free exercise of Holy Islam and our right to bear arms in doing so.

All Kafir states currently have Islamophobic laws against murder, assault and rape. It is the religious duty of all devout Muslims to ignore such discriminatory laws and to demand that new, Sharia-compliant, laws be enacted to replace them. Unlike the current laws, our new laws must enhance our nation’s multicultural history, and indeed heritage, by criminalizing all actions neither commanded nor approved by the Holy…

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