ALERT: Snopes is a Fraud and this needs to be repeated……………..

What Big Eyes You Have


Snopes Exposed

In researching a post from a Twitter friend, I found the following information on Snopes that I feel should be shared with all who are willing to listen.  With all the  political turmoil in our country, where each side of issues state their side the the right one, many people turn to  this website for truth verification. Well, we just lost that source. I believe what I found on is a true picture of what or who they represent:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 5:24
From Blogsphere

Snopes receives funding from an undisclosed source. The source is undisclosed because Snopes refuses to disclose that source. The Democratic Alliance, a funding channel for uber-Leftist (Marxist) Billionaires (George Soros etc.), direct funds to an “Internet Propaganda Arm” pushing these views. The Democratic Alliance has been reported to instruct fundees to not disclose their funding source.

For the past few years

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