Video: Hillary Clinton praising former KKK leader Robert Byrd

America's Watchtower

 In recent days Donald Trump has come under fire for not disavowing the KKK after former Grand Wizard David Duke endorsed him for President. Personally I thought that Donald Trump did not handle the situation very well, first he said he did not know anything about David Duke or the KKK and then he blamed a bad earpiece for the comments he made regarding David Duke.

  But he did say that if he found out David Duke needed disavowing he would disavow him, or something like that, I still do not understand what was going through his mind or what he was trying to say. But having said that the one thing Donald Trump did not do was heap praise on the former Grand Wizard of the KKK.

  But speaking of heaping praise on a former leader of the KKK, Bunkerville unearthed a video of Hillary Clinton praising…

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