Media BiASSED: For Hillary….

ABC, NBC: Clinton Corruption Charge Overused and Thrown Around a Lot

With Election Day just two days away, both ABC and NBC seemingly continued to try to slow Hillary Clinton’s descent in the polls, Sunday, by downplaying all the talk surrounding multiple FBI investigations into her activities. On ABC’s This Week, Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos tried to shutdown such talk from Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus by flippantly declaring, “You’re just throwing out a lot of words there.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter Is ‘Disturbed’ by Fox News Reporting Voter Fraud

CNN’s Brian Stelter, who once called the idea of liberal media bias “false” and “Ludicrous,” set his sights on Fox News during his Sunday show Reliable Sources and chastised the news outlet for daring to report on occurrences of voter fraud. “Let’s look at Fox News from yesterday morning. This disturbed me,” Stelter told his guest Ari Berman from the leftist publication The Nation, “The banner says "Running rampant," the clear implication here is that voter fraud is happening all over the place, all the time.”

CNN’s Blackwell and Rosen Deny Dems Paid for Trump Rally Violence

Late Saturday evening, a Donald Trump rally was disrupted as a cry of “gun” caused the Secret Service to leap into action and whisked the candidate away, while the crowd and officers subdued the suspected individual. Austyn Crites was the individual in question but no firearm was located, but he did have a “Republicans Against Trump” sign. With the recent video evidence of Democrats paying to disrupt Trump rallies the incident is suspect, but not to CNN anchor Victor Blackwell and commentator Hilary Rosen who flat out rejected the idea with little evidence.

PBS Snobbery: Uneducated Trump Voters Just ‘Going With Their Gene Pool’

A snobby PBS analyst said less educated Trump voters were "just going with their gene pool." Sadly, if not surprisingly, the analyst was the "right-leaning" pundit on the PBS NewsHour, New York Times columnist David Brooks. Stupid white males are voting for stupid white males. Now if Brooks had said a version of this in 2008 — that blacks were just voting for their "gene pool" — he would have been drummed out of the media elite. But mocking stupid whites doesn’t ruffle a feather at PBS.

MSNBC’s Alter Frets a Prez Trump: ‘Well-Being of Millions’ at Stake, ‘This Is Really Serious’

Appearing as a guest on Sunday’s PoliticsNation, MSNBC political analyst and Daily Beast columnist Jonathan Alter was busy scaremongering to get anti-Donald Trump voters to the polls, as he asserted that "the well-being of millions of citizens" is "on the ballot," and worried that there would be a "constitutional crisis" if Trump won the popular vote while losing the Electoral College: "Look, I’m normally a calm guy — you know this — but this is really serious."

Maher Panics Over ‘Fascist’ Trump as President, Confesses ‘Cried Wolf’ on Bush

On Friday’s Real Time on HBO, far left host Bill Maher seemed to be in a panic over the possibility that Donald Trump will be elected President, as he repeatedly hit on his worries that there is a "slow-moving, right-wing coup" that will bring to power a "fascist" President Trump, even going so far as to invoke the Rwanda genocide of the 1990s and Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. Maher even ended up admitting that he and other liberals "cried wolf" in their attacks on President George W. Bush and GOP candidates Mitt Romney and John McCain, calling it a "big mistake" on their part.

Mrs. George Stephanopoulos: We Will Move to Australia If Trump Wins

The wife of ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos declared that if Donald Trump wins, the couple is moving to Australia. That’s according to the Hollywood Reporter in a piece on how celebrities will react to the election. Ali Wentworth is an actress, notable for appearing on Seinfeld.

NYT Editorialist: Trump Campaign Unleashed Journalists to Call (Republican) Pols Racist Liars

Saturday’s New York Times anti-Trump roundup included an ironic compliment to the Trump campaign, which has freed journalists to label (Republican) politicians as liars and racists. Times editorial board member Brent Staples perversely celebrated “The Election That Obliterated Euphemisms.” The text box: “Donald Trump made it impossible to avoid the word ‘racist.’” Staples certainly didn’t.

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  1. mobiuswolf November 7, 2016 / 5:47 pm

    Lotta words?… yup. incisive

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