Crap about the election.

It’s over..

Someone tell the media to shut the hell up and move on…

Yet the Left thinks they can change the results..

By holding temper tantrums  protesting, looting, rioting, and burning whatever they can.

Institutions of higher indoctrination education encouraging wimps, raised by wimps to cry and making safe places for them to color and mourn..And these clowns are our future?? Lord spare me!

By threatening the members of the Electoral college..

The one thing that keeps sane America from being ruled by the urban, crime filled, progressive ‘liberals’..

The media continues to spread ‘misinformation’ and bullshit about Trump. How terrible it is going to be.

Like the last 8 years under Obama weren’t gawd awful?

I think I’ll hole up in the basement, make sure certain tools are cleaned, lubricated and ready. Also go though my stocks of precious metals, brass, copper, lead, etc. and see what I have..

Just in case…




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