Media BiASSED: Leftist Propaganda …

NBC’s Holt Lectures Viewers on the Meaning of the Statue of Liberty


With the debate over the legality of President Donald Trump’s immigration and travel ban still raging Monday evening, NBC broadcasted their Nightly News program “from the shadow of the Statue of Liberty” accompanied by a lecture from anchor Lester Holt. “Behind me the Statue of Liberty, which for nearly 130 years, has symbolized the welcome arms of a country of immigrants,” he opined at the start of the program, “But tonight she also stands as a symbolic flashpoint in a country in the midst of soul searching over the limits of its generosity in an age of international terrorism.”

Halperin Invites Democratic Senator to List How Trump Immigration Order ‘Makes America Less Safe’


On Monday morning, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy was on Morning Joe to discuss President Trump’s executive order concerning the travel ban targeting seven Middle Eastern nations. Each question the Connecticut Democrat was asked teed him up to bash the immigration policy, but none more provoking than a question from political analyst Mark Halpern.

CBS Worries: Trump Refugee Ban Favors Christians


The journalists at CBS This Morning on Monday obsessed over Donald Trump’s new order restricting refugees from Muslim-majority countries. Co-host Norah O’Donnell wondered if the administration was being too pro-Christian with this move. Additionally, co-host Charlie Rose used anti-Trump press coverage as justification that the implementation is going badly.

Costello: Is Trump’s ‘Underlying Goal’ to Make Country ‘Aggressively Christian?’


During the 9:00 hour of CNN Newsroom Monday morning, anchor Carol Costello grilled Republican Representative Darrell Issa on Trump’s executive order to put a temporary travel ban on immigrants from certain predominantly Muslim countries. Like the rest of the media, Costello wailed about the discriminatory impact of the ban on Muslims but she didn’t stop there. Costello even suggested the ban was meant to prioritize Christians above everyone else, asking Issa if Trump’s “underlying goal” was “to make this country aggressively Christian.”

57 Times More Coverage of Trump’s Temporary Ban Than Obama Ending Cuban Refugee Program


On January 30, the first weekday morning after President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order which temporarily banned immigration from several Middle East countries, the networks devoted 64 minutes, 8 seconds of coverage to this topic. However, on January 12, then-President Obama ordered the ending of America’s longstanding “wet foot, dry foot” policy, which had allowed Cuban refugees entrance to the United States. But the broadcast networks were largely silent.

Fake News: NBC Deceptively Edits Giuliani Comments on Immigration Order


Despite all of the media hand-wringing over fake news lately, on Monday, NBC’s Today engaged precisely in that kind of shoddy journalism as the morning show deceptively edited a soundbite from Rudy Giuliani about President Trump’s immigration order.

Lauer Asks Schumer How Dems Will be ‘Bulwark’ Against Trump


In a softball exchange with Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Monday’s NBC Today that sounded more like a DNC strategy session, co-host Matt Lauer demanded to know how liberal lawmakers were going to stop President Trump’s executive order on immigration: “…you said you thought it was crucial for Democrats to be the bulwark against some of the things that Donald Trump wants to do….what do you intend to do about it? What power do you have?”

Excited ‘Time’ Magazine Touts Liberal Women’s March: ‘Resistance Rises’


The journalists at Time magazine jumped on the Women’s March on Washington and preemptively hyped it with this front page cover: “The Resistance Rises: How a March Becomes a Movement.” The February 6 cover featured an image of the so-called “pussyhats” worn by the liberal protesters.


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