Media BiASSED: Pushing The Liberal Lies ….

Camerota: We Should Be More Worried About Lightning Than Islamic Terrorism

Tuesday on CNN’s New Day, host Alisyn Camerota argued with Republican Representative Sean Duffy over Trump’s executive order temporarily banning immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Duffy contested that the ban was a good thing because it gave the U.S. “a pause” to evaluate our current vetting process to see if it was capable of keeping out potential terrorists. Camerota responded by saying Americans should be more worried about lightning strikes than terrorism.

Nets Cheered On Democrats’ Failed Effort to Dump DeVos


Before Vice President Mike Pence delivered the tie-breaking vote in the Senate to confirm President Trump’s Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos during the noon ET hour on Tuesday, all three network morning shows heralded Democratic senators pulling an “all-nighter” in an attempt to obstruct her confirmation.

CNN, MSNBC Hype Likelihood ‘Subdued’ Spicer Briefing Signals McCarthy Has Affected His Psyche


CNN and MSNBC each did their parts on Tuesday afternoon to advance the narrative that Saturday Night Live has claimed White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s scalp as their own, hyping that Tuesday’s press briefing showed how Melissa McCarthy’s impersonation has harmed him.

CNN Airs Sob Story in Support of ObamaCare, Ignores Harmful Effects


On Tuesday, CNN’s New Day profiled a West Virginia family who can afford to care for their paralyzed son due to recieving health insurance through ObamaCare. Although an unfortunate circumstance, the story was a blatant case of media bias in favor of maintaing the law. At the end of the story, correspondent Miguel Marquez inserted his opinion and said preserving Obamacare is “a cause worth fighting for.”

Joss Whedon: GOP Has ‘Declared War On Our Children’


It’s all over for America’s kids now. At least that’s Joss Whedon thinks as he took to twitter, on Tuesday, to declare his rage the GOP for confirming Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary. The angered Avengers director condemned the confirmation: “Rejecting DeVos was the GOP’s easiest way to say ‘Mr Prez, let’s take this slow, we got 4 yrs’. Instead they declared war on our children.”

ABC, CBS, NBC Ooh and Aah Over ‘Athletic’ ‘Smiling’ Obama on Vacation


Just like they did when he was President, the morning news networks Tuesday gushed over pictures of Obama vacationing, as if he was some kind of Hollywood celebrity. ABC, CBS and NBC couldn’t get enough of the former president kitesurfing in the Virgin Islands with Virgin mobile billionaire Richard Branson, oohing and ahhing at his athleticism and relaxed demeanor.

CNN Enamored by ‘Remarkable’ Video of Obama Kite-Surfing; What ‘A Heck of a Smile’ He Has!


On Tuesday morning’s CNN Newsroom, new co-hosts John Berman and Poppy Harlow repeatedly expressed their amazement at “extraordinary” and “remarkable” video from the British Virgin Islands of former President Barack Obama kite-surfing.


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