Is Netanyahu Finished?

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One thought on “Is Netanyahu Finished?”

  1. Not sure if Netanyahu is “finished” or even if he’s corrupt. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn much from that linked article to inform me- other than: A) Rich American Jews support Bibi. B) Chuck used to like Israel, but now he doesn’t, so we shouldn’t either and C) I apparently need to buy a 2 DVD set for details on the REAL truth about Israel (Spoiler alert: it’s a massive fraud!)

    He seems like a genuine guy and makes a few fair points, but overall comes across as saying basically: “Some people wrote mean things to me on Facebook about my (current) stance on Israel, therefore Zionism is bad.”
    I’m sorry some claiming to be Christians behaved badly but it appears virtually anything you state nowadays is met with outrage and vitriol, “Christians” included.

    Anyway, I disagree with most of Pastor Chuck’s assertions on Israel and he didn’t give me any compelling reasons to question my positions. Since I’m not gonna order the DVD’s to set me straight, I’ll continue being duped into supporting those rascally Jews.

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