Media BiASSED: Hysterics From Talking Heads…

Networks Swoon Over GOP ‘Feeling the Wrath’ of Liberal Town Hall Protesters

Friday’s “big three” network evening newscasts showed no remorse when it came to Republican members of Congress being shouted down and blasted by angry, liberal protesters, gushing over how the GOP is “feeling the wrath” of “demonstrators flooding” their events. Of course, this was in contrast to how the media perceived Tea Party groups challenged members of Congress beginning in 2009 as the media gave it their best effort to denounce and vilify them.

Sudden Respect: CNN Now Enamored by Possible ‘Tea Party of the Left’ at Angry Town Halls


Throughout the day on Friday, CNN touted video of angry protesters at congressional Republican town halls in Tennessee and Utah to prove that it might be the emergence of a possible “tea party of the left.” In the process, it showed a stunning dose of sudden respect after how they and their media cohorts treated the tea party when it arrived on scene in 2009 and 2010.

ABC Panelist Goes Off the Rails, ‘Lives Will Be Lost’ After Obamacare Repeal


During a rather rowdy edition of ABC’s This Week on Sunday, publisher of The Nation, Katrina vanden Heuvel, went off the rails several times with radical predictions and unhinged proclamations. At the end of a conversation about how President Donald Trump and the Republican Party can ease the public fear of repealing Obamacare vanden Heuvel declared, “The very communities which elected Trump in West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, are ravaged by an opioid epidemic, they will be the first hit. Lives will be lost! Lives are in the balance!”

NBC’s Wallace Scolds Trump Voter for Backing ‘Un-American’ Immigration Order


On Friday’s NBC Today, political analyst Nicolle Wallace seemed surprised that Trump voters had not yet abandoned their support of the President. After talking to some of his backers in Erie County, Pennsylvania, Wallace proclaimed: “If you’re looking for buyers’ remorse, you won’t find it here.”

MSNBC Hints at Trump Impeachment After Conway’s Comments


On Friday, the journalists at Morning Joe hinted that an infraction by staffer Kellyanne Conway could somehow ultimately lead to impeachment. The hosts spent a large chunk of time discussing a TV appearance in which Conway suggested people buy from Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. Joe Scarborough compared, “One of Bill Clinton’s, by the way, articles of impeachment by a Republican Congress, is for abusing his office.”

Dunham: Feminists Have ‘Work to Do’ ‘Enlightening’ White Women Who Voted for Trump


Friday’s The View was even more unbearable to watch with the addition of feminist exhibitionist Lena Dunham to the panel. Of course Dunham talked about the election but not without condescendingly lecturing to the “white women” who voted for Trump to listen to their feminist elders who know better. Dunham also bashed these women as selfish and implied they had abusive male family members who made them tolerate Trump’s comments about women.


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