What it about the loony left and immigration?

Especially illegal immigration?

I personally have nothing against immigration, as long as it is done legally. And your not trying milk the system for taxpayers dollars.

My great grandfather immigrated with his family sometime in the 1890’s including my grandfather,  My grandmother was born shortly after her family immigrated.

All legally, through Ellis Island…

Landed in North Central Minnesota and farmed. Dirt poor, but made a good life of it. My Uncles and Father served our country in WW 2 and Korean War.

Never made demands to be ‘taken’ care of. Never ‘demanded’ special treatment.

So I have no problem with ‘legal’ immigration..Hell I am one of the 2nd generation of my family being born in America!!

But I do have a problem with ‘illegal’ immigration. And those clowns that back them.

So I have no problem with ‘illegals’ being deported. I have so far heard NOT. ONE. DAMN. THING. About Immigrants whom arrived legally and obtained citizenship being threatened with deportation.

I know a few whom have done so and are pretty damn proud of taking their Oath and becoming citizens..

On the other hand..

If your here illegally means you broke the law.

You would seem to thing the Left does not understand that concept..

And if you protest, block traffic, destroy, wave you country of origin’s flag and hurl insults at Americans….You should be arrested..

Be sent back to wherever you came from.




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