Growing Older … Sucks Some Days…

Is better then the alternative for sure…

But the wear and tear on the body seems to bring forth problems and issues…

My hip has been bothering me for a while now, but they (MD’s) could never find an issue with it. MRI done a few years ago showed no problems..

But it has bothered me for quite a while. Last spring it was determined a nerve impingement @ L5/S1 was the source of the problem and I ultimately ended up having surgery…Which cleared some of the discomfort..

But the hip still bothered me.

Today at the annual checkup, told my MD what had been happening…She attempted to check the mobility in my hip….That did not go well.. She ordered an x-ray…Upon which she walked into the exam room and told me hip was shot..Pretty much bone against bone, no space in joint as there should be..

I see an Ortho MD later this week.

Am betting a hip replacement is in my future..



2 thoughts on “Growing Older … Sucks Some Days…”

  1. Greetings, i have been reading your daily posts for a bit, and am impressed with your thoughts and your view. I wanted to say I am sorry for hearing your are going thru this situation with your hip, i am at a point where worn out knees are telling me “no more” every day… so, i kmow whereof you speak… hang in there!

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