Media BiASSed:

Mark Levin Fires Back at CNN’s Brian Stelter for His ‘Ad Hominem Attacks’ About His Spying Claims


Hours after CNN’s Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter published a Monday morning piece blasting conservative talk radio host Mark Levin for offering “an incendiary idea” that the Obama administration was surveilling then-candidate Donald Trump, Levin fired back with an open letter addressing Stelter’s “incredible” smear.

CNN: Trump Gets Info From ‘Propaganda’ ‘Not Legitimate’ Sources Like CNN, NYT


Monday morning on CNN’s New Day, hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota spoke with media correspondent Brian Stelter and analyst Bill Carter about Trump’s claims that he was wire-tapped by President Obama. The CNN panel took the opportunity to not just bash Trump but also blast the “illegitimate” and “partisan” right-wing sources where Trump gets his news.

ABC Spends Weekend Bashing ‘Conspiracy-Loving’ Mark Levin


Liberal ABC journalist Brian Ross spent the weekend attacking the conservative Mark Levin as a “conspiracy-loving talk show host.” On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Ross used the phrase over and over as he dismissed comments the radio host made about attempts by the Obama administration to undermine Donald Trump’s campaign.

Childish: MSNBC’s Matthews Mocks Levin, ‘That’s a Voice to Be Believed’


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews came out swinging, during Monday’s Hardball, against conservative radio host Mark Levin for being the source of President’s Donald Trump’s claim of having his tower wiretapped by the previous administration. The 71-year-old Matthews postured like a schoolyard bully, towards the top of his program, as he mocked Levin for the sound of his voice. “Well, that’s a voice to be believed,” Matthews declared after playing an audio clip of Levin talking about Obama.

Brzezinski Declares: Trump Brings ‘Low Point in American History’


Monday on Morning Joe, the main topic of conversation was the tweet President Trump sent out on Saturday accusing the Obama administration of surveillance during the 2016 campaign. Co-host Mika Brzezinski became emotional when speaking about deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defending Trump’s tweet and bemoaned the controversy as “a low point in American history.” The more she spoke about the situation, the more melodramatic she became. Brzezinski continued this demeanor for the entirety of the show.

 CBS Bizarrely Claims Obama ‘Never Criticized’ GOP Presidents ‘Personally’


In the “feud” between Barack Obama and Donald Trump, it’s the current president who broke “tradition” and started with the “personal” attacks. That’s the selective memory pushed by the journalists at CBS This Morning on Monday. Co-host Anthony Mason insisted that the President’s tweets on Saturday “broke an uneasy truce between the two men since the White House transition.”

NBC Ignores Gun Defense in Home Invasion, Warns Viewers: ‘Don’t Fight Back’


In a report for Monday’s NBC Today, correspondent Jeff Rossen touted a “rare jailhouse interview” with a convicted burglar to offer tips to viewers on how to prevent a home invasion. However, even as the incarcerated criminal explained that traditional methods such as security alarms and cameras were poor deterrents, Rossen failed to inquire about homeowners using firearms in self defense


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