Media BiASSed:

FLASHBACK! In March 2009, Journalists Loved President Obama’s Health Care Plan

Media criticism of the current GOP health care bill has been swift, but ObamaCare’s rollout was met with unified and resounding support from these same networks. In his report on NBC Nightly News on March 7, correspondent Tom Costello included a clip of a George Washington University professor who claimed that “The losers in this are lower income people who need financial assistance to be able to buy coverage that’s affordable for them.”

Brzezinski Declares Trump Presidency a ‘Long Nightmare’


On Tuesday, MSNBC’s Morning Joe turned to former Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean to trash the Republican repeal and replacement plan for ObamaCare. Host Mika Brzezinski introduced the segment by reading off President Trump’s tweet concerning the bill: “President Trump marked the release of the bill with a tweet. Reading this. House just introduced the bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Time to end this nightmare.” She later proclaimed: “This is the nightmare. This is it! This 45 days has been a long nightmare and it’s not over.”

Suck-Up CBS to Planned Parenthood Head: Is Defunding Effort a ‘War on Women?’


Who’s the best woman to represent International Women’s Day? Why, Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood, of course. That was the thinking of the hosts of CBS This Morning on Wednesday. Naturally, the journalists offered softballs to the head of the abortion provider and repeated liberal talking points. Democratic donor Gayle King offered this easy question: “Some people have described it or called it a war on women. Do you see it that way?”

CNN’s Acosta Wonders If Women’s March Could Signal ‘A Democratic Party Resurgence’


Filling-in as host of CNN’s Inside Politics on Wednesday, chief White House correspondent and Trump sparring partner Jim Acosta did his part for the Day Without a Woman protesters by wondering if it’s symbolized “the makings of a Democratic Party resurgence” and hinting that it would behoove President Trump to remain quiet about this.

Nets Use Statue of Liberty Power Outage to Boost Left-Wing Protest


On Wednesday, all three network morning shows seized on false left-wing speculation that a brief power outage at the Statue of Liberty Tuesday night was meant to be a show of support for the “A Day Without A Women” protests planned for International Women’s Day. While the ABC, NBC, and CBS broadcasts knocked down those claims, hosts did use the incident as a way to promote the liberal demonstration.

CBS’s Scott Pelley Tees-Up Leon Panetta to Smear Trump Administration as Irrational


In a blatant effort to dirty President Donald Trump’s administration during Wednesday’s CBS Evening News, anchor Scott Pelley interviewed Clinton and Obama administration official Leon Panetta and gave him free reign to discredit the President. After rattling off a long series of Trump’s dubious claims, the first question out of Pelley’s mouth was, “Is it appropriate to ask whether the President is having difficulty with rationality?”

Hypocrisy: Media Outraged Over Carson Slavery Comment, Ignored 11x Obama Said Same Thing


In his first remarks this week to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) employees, Secretary of HUD Ben Carson called slaves “immigrants,” that had hopes for the American Dream, comments that sent the media in an uproar. From print to television to social media, journalists and celebrities alike condemned the remarks as extremely offensive. Yet the media forgot that former President Obama has also compared slaves to immigrants, and not just once, but several times.

Trevor Noah on CNN: ‘What Is an Extreme Liberal?’ ‘What Is That?’


CNN’s The Messy Truth with Van Jones is meant to be a forum where people of different political stripes come together and have a discussion about what divides the country in an effort to get past it. But during Wednesday’s show, Jones’ guest, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah tarnished that ideal when he targeted the right. “Realistically, when people are saying this, they’re going, ‘It’s the same. There’s extremes on either end.’ And I go, yes, but what is one extreme shown us that they’re capable of repeatedly,” he sneered.


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