Well Damn…

Wouldn’t want teachers to be literate…

Would we…

Source: New York to scrap literacy test for teachers. Guess why. « Hot Air


5 thoughts on “Well Damn…”

  1. I did 20 years in a combat unit and retired after 20 years. Afterwards, I tried to teach in the public school system. I only lasted 7 years. I did not have major problems with the student. I had problems with the teachers and administration. Most were too stupid to be teaching.

    At one point, I received a negative peer review because I told my students that Australia was a continent. “Australia is a county, not a continent.” I asked the administrator to name the continents and they replied that this was not a subject in their expertise.

    My reply, “It should have been something you mastered in 4th grade, not in your masters degree program.”

    Soon after, my contract was not renewed.

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