Having a wife whom is most handy at projects..

Especially making drapes, roman shades and such.

And when she decides to repaint and decorate …She just does it!!

Is nice..

Saves us a lot of money and she is very good at it..

Except yours truly is the one whom prepares windows with the assorted miscellany hardware and whatnot to get said items properly hung..

Which we worked on all day yesterday.

Everything turned out well.

Except for one episode when yours truly stepped off ladder, bad hip refused to cooperate and I tumbled over the back of the couch, a nice big leather couch and ended up with feet in air, laying on couch, staring at ceiling..

Eldest son and most dearest found it pretty funny, laughing away they were.

So I threatened to stay on couch and let them finish!!
That changed their tune!!

And of course a bit of additional pain today most likely from numerous trips up and down step ladder during the process…

Unfortunately the pain is from the mildly sprained left ankle I now have!!
Oh well it somewhat balances the limp out…From the hip.

For our next project we are completely redoing the downstairs bath!!!

For which I will be an observer!! As I have hired people to do that project!!


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