Progress Day 11…

Is slower then impatient old me likes…

I’m starting to climb the walls…


Trying to get rid of walker and go to a cane..

Is not going as well or as fast as I would like..

Went out to eat last night, first outing since surgery..

Riding in car is uncomfortable….

Left walker at home, took cane, regretted that.

Oh well Most Dearest and #1 Son deserved it..Going out, although it was only Applebees..Still food was good.

Got home and headed for an ice pack and laying down..

Pain is well within tolerable limits for the most part, after my therapy exercises and walk, icing is needed or I’ll be regretting not icing..

Today is going to be nice here….so sitting outside will be my ‘activity’…



One thought on “Progress Day 11…”

  1. Just take it one day at a time, brother…. it’ll all come together, and will be behind you… don’t try to do too much. Stay rested and chat with me once in a while…. Glad your feeling better!!!

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