So How Long …

So 13 days…

That I have not carried..

But then I’ve only been ‘out’ twice….

Once to dinner with most dearest and eldest son.

Once to church…

Not that I wanted to go out, without…..

Just being right handed and having had right hip replaced with the anterior method and I have an 8 inch ‘pocket’ incision on the front of my hip…

No way I can wear a belt yet…Thankfully I have these ‘athletic’ pants (whatever that means) with stretchy waist band…

Suppose I can do the shoulder holster thing…But would have to purchase and not something I would do once all is normal again…

But……Dang it….





2 thoughts on “So How Long …”

  1. It’ll all work itself out, man.. hang in there!! We are praying, and keeping you in our hearts as you recover fully, and it will be soon!!

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