And Please Tell Me Why ..

The City I live in cannot issue a building/remodeling permit in a timely manner?

Going on two weeks is not timely..

It’s effing irritating…

Is not like there is a shitload of new construction going on!!

Or that they, Inspector(s), are busy doing inspections on them..

Downstairs bathroom is gutted, with a toilet sitting all lonely like in there..

This whole process has been a pain in the ass..Took me forever to find a contractor…The one I have came highly recommended from a couple whom are very particular, almost as bad as me..

But he was the 3rd one contacted..

Now getting a freaking plumber in here to give me an estimate has been….trying…

Electrician? There will be no electrician….Did not grow up with a father whom was a Master Electrician and State Electrical Inspector and not learn a few things!! And things will just ‘happen’ when they need to ….. no effing building permit will be sought..

I now see why my neighbor never got any permits and he pretty much remodeled his house..

And why Bro-in-law always hated coming to this town to do any work as the City Building department, as he says was an “unmitigated pain in the ass.”

Well the whole damn City of and it’s departments pretty much are..

And not a whole hell of a lot I can do during my post hip replacement recuperation!!

Except grumble and make phone calls….


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