Why we must not let newspapers die ….

Why we must not let newspapers die ….

Ya Think?

Sorry I missed it…


No comment

“Boy’s School Votes to Consolidate”

“Spin” to help distance themselves from their sponsorship?

Statistics be damned! I don’t believe it!

That’s what I would’ve called it!

A record unlikely to be broken.

I am speechless!

I guess the head bone was attached to the leg bone after that happened.

I think they may be onto something!

Proof once again that politicians can’t relate to the real world…

Somebody got paid to conduct this study?

This actually makes sense – if you think about it.

The judge apparently has a list of lawyers he doesn’t like.

It must have been a concert “for teachers only”?

Doctors are expensive – it must be a last-ditch effort.

On advice from his attorney.

Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss came up with this one!

Can’t really blame ’em for protesting, but they could’ve sent those unruly kids somewhere else, surely!

A lesson we learned from Karen Carpenter…

I bet you couldn’t wipe the smile off this copywriter’s face!

I suppose the school for the blind might have benefitted from this broadcast?

They could advise those city officials about why the sewer smells so bad…

And finally…

The potential problem with participating in research trials…


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