In spite of the fact(s) that today and always I guess firearms, hunting and fishing are and always have been my primary hobbies.

I have to admit I am a bit of a geek when it comes to electronics and computers..

Bought my first computer in early 1980’s. A Commodore 64..Thought it was pretty neat!!

Plus when I worked in the printing industry so long ago I became the go to guy when we first brought IBM desktops in and the resident expert with Lotus 123. Remember that one?

I have built a number of computers and for a while had a side business working on computers, repairing, installing software etc..

I also have a couple of Linux boxes with Mint and Ubuntu installed.

I like Linux because it works and updates are free…I am not a Windows fan, although I have one with Windows 7 on it..My Most Dearest has Windows 10 on her computer and ….. it….. SUCKS!!

Always somewhat keeping my eyes open when new products come online and every now and then think about doing another build.

And now I find this interesting..

Source: This tiny Compute Stick turns any TV or monitor into a full-blown PC – BGR



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