Wonder What Dad Would Say ..

About the mess in Korea..

He served there, fought on Bloody Ridge and Heartbreak Ridge..

Went in as a 19 year old private, came out as a 20 year old Staff Sergeant.

Took over a machine gun position on Bloody Ridge. Fought it throughout the night.

Story is he liked that machine gun so much became his go to weapon. His buddies told him he was nuts as the enemy targeted machine gunners. Dad’s response was that he had more bullets then anyone else…..

He told a lot of stories as he got older and before he passed.

One of his favorites was about a hill he took. Apparently a few attempts had been tried and failed. With the LT in charge each time brought back on stretcher.

When Dad was asked, he said he would, in his own way and did, led his squad around the backside and took the hill.

He was a good man and never heard a racist word out of him..

Except for Gooks…As he refereed to them. And he hated the sound of bugles…Chinese used them when they attacked. Not sure he liked any orientals.

Source: When America went to war in Korea the first time | Daily Mail Online


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