Media BiASSed: Despicable and Madcows….

Vile Colbert Doubles Down on Trump Attack, ‘I Don’t Regret That’


After angering many well-mannered Americans and seeing the #FireColbert hashtag go viral over a two day period, so-call comedian Stephen Colbert started off The Late Show on Wednesday by doubling down on his low-brow “humor.”  “I don’t regret that,” he told his audience. The outcry Colbert was defying stemmed from an angry and curse-filled tirade that he leveled against President Trump Monday night.

NBC Calls Out Colbert for ‘Crude’ Anti-Trump Tirade


After CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert launched into and vicious and vulgar tantrum against President Trump Monday night, the broadcast networks were initially silent on the controversy swirling around the left-wing comedian. However, that silence was broken Wednesday morning when NBC’s Today actually provided a full report on the backlash against the “crude” tirade.

Maddow, Meyers: Trump Is Like ‘Serial Killer’ that ‘Wants to Kill’ Media He’s In Love With


Comedy gets dark quickly on late night television lately, when you have a president that is so detested by the media. Last night on NBC’s Late Night, host Seth Meyers and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow “joked” that President Trump was just like fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter, from the book and movie Silence of the Lambs. The pair laughed that Trump secretly wanted to “kill” the media, while lapping up the attention they gave him.

ABC Hammers FBI Director Comey, Push that He Swayed Election


FBI Director James Comey went before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday where is was grilled by partisan Democrats about his supposed influence in Hillary Clinton’s defeat. Of the Big Three Networks ABC appeared to be the most irate over Comey’s sworn testimony.  “Comey, animated in his answers, facing questions about whether his decision just 11 days before the election affected the outcome,” announced Anchor David Muir at the start World News Tonight.

Delusional Hostin Blames ‘White-Lash’ on ‘Most Qualified Candidate Ever’ Losing


See if this makes any sense to you. America votes for a black man for President, two election cycles in a row. Along comes a former First Lady, secretary of state and senator, rife with scandals and baggage, who fails to win two presidential election cycles in a row (and just happens to be white). To the radical liberals on ABC’s The View, apparently that means she lost due to “racist” backlash against the black president who won two elections already. What?

Female Conservative Suspended, Loses Gig at St. Louis Paper After Pro-NRA Column


On Monday, conservative columnist Stacy Washington was suspended/terminated from her job as a columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and companion website after she defended the National Rifle Association (NRA)on April 28 from a ludicrous suggestion that they’re similar to ISIS.


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