Media BiASSed: Liberal News Hysterics….

Nets Come Out Strong Against ObamaCare Repeal Passed By House


House Republicans and President Donald Trump took a large step in their efforts to repeal and replace the failing ObamaCare system on Thursday. In a very tight vote, Republicans passed their health care legislation and handed the bill off to the Senate. “But lawmakers voted without the final bill ever being scored, as they say in Washington,” announced ABC Anchor David Muir at the start of World News Tonight, “Meaning they voted without knowing how many fewer Americans would be insured, some predict tens of millions.”

NBC Touts Protesters Shouting ‘Shame!’ at GOP After Health Care Vote


During an NBC News special report moments after House Republicans passed legislation repealing and replacing ObamaCare, Nightly News anchor Lester Holt drew viewers’ attention to left-wing protesters assembled outside the Capitol Building and touted: “And as we just took that camera, you saw it pan off of the park grounds next to the Capitol there, where protestors had been gathered. We thought we heard them shouting, ‘Shame! Shame!’ a moment ago as members – as Republican members of the House made their way out the east front of the Capitol…”

CBS Complains GOP Wasn’t ‘Modest’ in Health Care Victory; Touts Dems Protesting


Seconds after the Republican House of Representatives finally passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA), CBS News did their best  on Thursday to tout Democratic concerns, pro-ObamaCare protesters, and hypocritically chide Republican supporters for not being “modest” in their massive legislative achievement.

CNN’s Borger Falsely Claims AHCA Was Voted on ‘Without a Legislative Text for People to Read’


CNN’s chief political analyst Gloria Borger engaged in some sketchy false news Thursday afternoon moments after the House passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA), claiming that it was “stunning” to have passed “without a legislative text for people to read.”

Andrea Mitchell & Planned Parenthood Pres in Panic Over ObamaCare Repeal


On her MSNBC show on Thursday, activist anchor Andrea Mitchell invited on her friend Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, to trash the upcoming vote by House Republicans to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Teeing up the abortion provider, Mitchell fretted: “…the winds are not blowing well for Planned Parenthood. This vote is likely to pass the House and it does defund Planned Parenthood, which means all of your clinics around the country for women’s health.”

Networks Complain Trump’s Religious Liberty Order Will ‘Erase’ Obama’s ‘Legacy’


All three networks this morning predictably reacted negatively to President Trump signing an executive order to scale back federal regulations on religious organizations. Calling the order “controversial,” the three networks warned the bill would likely cause discrimination and fretted about forced birth control coverage. Yet not one of the networks interviewed a religious group that would be affected positively by this order.

Reporter Gushes: Hillary Will Always Be the Smartest Woman in the Room


The liberal media is still coming to grips with how Hillary Clinton could have possibly lost to Donald Trump. After all, she is the “smartest woman” in any room she enters. Or at least that’s what The Hill’s Amie Parnes told host Charlie Rose on his PBS show on Wednesday night.


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