Busy Day …

Finally got the new boat in the water today..

First time did not go well..

Gas had water in it!!

No idea how, but fortunately the trolling motor got us back to launch..

From there directly to dealer where I walked in, found my salesman, he asked how it was going and I replied I was one very unhappy customer. (Wife informs me when I get angry my hulking shoulders swallow my neck and my barrel chest grows a bit..and I just thought I was a fat old fart!)

He took me straight back to service and they had a technician look at it, really fast.

He drained some gas and it did not look like gas..A very watered down looking gas..

How the hell did so much water get in gas? I put 5 gallons fresh in it this morning before our first outing!!??

Oh hell, it was there…

Solution..We drove back home and I emptied 2, 5 gallon buckets out, by using the priming bulb..Is a built in tank..Took a while..

Put some 91 octane in it and back to lake we went..After I put the water muffs on it at home and made sure it started…

Ran like a top, most Dearest and I cruised all over the lake..

Whew….Was tense for awhile as I leave for the Lake of the Woods on Tuesday,.!!!!


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