From a wonderful week of fishing..

A bit rough to start…

This what greeted our group on arrival..No one out on the lake..


So we had to go elsewhere for a couple of days…

Rainy River…Canadian side..

Canada on the right, US on the left..

Rapid River inlet into Rainy..

We eventually got onto LOTW but only so far out….Sand bar with waves breaking on it…Was a bit rough but we caught walleyes..

Caught a lot of fish the last two days of trip…Saturday was abit rough also. But when the fish are biting……You kind of ignore it..

Sunday when we left..

The Lake was angry again..

Really angry and cold…43 degrees when we left.

Was a great trip, phone service sucked…

Get a ‘Welcome to Canada’ from my cell provider every year we go up…And we never go to Canada!!

Oh well, good times, good food, good friends and plenty of fine beverages!!

And lots of walleyes!!

Yeah my son surprised me there…


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