Who is to blame?

Why was there no action on Pro 2nd Amendment Bills this year?

Good Question.

Minnesota’s gun owners were instrumental in electing “pro-gun” majorities in both the Minnesota House, and Senate. You volunteered, you donated, you voted, and you made it clear that you wanted strong action on pro-2A bills like Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry, just like other states all over the country.

Together, we got solid pro-gun bills introduced in both the House and Senate.

When time was running out on the session, and gun rights legislation was stuck in administrative limbo, you stepped up once again to get legislation sent to the floor of the House.

Then… nothing.  The session ended without even hearing a gun-rights bill on the floor.


Good Question.


Call Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt at:
651-296-5364 and ask him why he let gun rights bills die in 2017.

After he blames it on the Senate, ask him why he’s letting the Senate determine the agenda for HIS caucus.
Follow up with an email to rep.kurt.daudt@house.mn

Then call Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka at:
651-296-4875 and ask him why he refused to fulfill his commitment to gun owners and work to advance gun rights legislation in 2017.

Lastly, call Senator Warren Limmer,  Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee at:
652-296-215 and ask him why he stated publicly that he would refuse to give ANY gun bills a hearing in 2017.
Follow up with an email to sen.warren.limmer@senate.mn

We are sure you will get a number of excuses.



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