Media BiASSed:

1. About Time! CNN Fires Kathy Griffin from NYE Show After Severed Trump Head Photo-Shoot


On Wednesday afternoon, CNN announced that it has fired far-left lewd comedienne Kathy Griffin from her long-running New Year’s Eve show after Griffin took a page from ISIS’s playbook 24 hours earlier by holding up a bloodied (but fake) severed head pretending to be President Trump.

2. Mika Brzezinski Complains Kathy Griffin Story Is ‘Gross’ and ‘Not Worth Doing’


Many Americans were horrified to learn last night of the news that comedian Kathy Griffin had posted a tweet depicting herself with an effigy of the bloody, severed head of President Trump. In a world now full of real-life beheadings instigated at the behest of Islamic terrorists, drug cartels, and others, one would think that such a story might be considered “newsworthy.” Co-host Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC’s Morning Joe disagreed, however, on the basis that the story was ‘too gross’ and ‘not worth doing.’

3. CBS Only Manages Seconds on Kathy Griffin, Obsessed Over GOP Staffer


While NBC’s Today and ABC’s Good Morning America on Wednesday devoted full reports to comedian Kathy Griffin’s widely-condemned mock beheading of an effigy of President Trump, CBS This Morning could only afford a 36-second news brief on the topic. By contrast, when an Republican congressional staffer criticized the behavior of the Obama daughters at a White House event on her private Facebook page in 2014, the CBS morning show had no trouble devoting full coverage to the minor controversy.

4. Nets Spend 10 Mins on Trump Typo Tweet


At midnight on May 31, President Trump tweeted the enigmatic “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” Despite that fact that everyone, including journalists, make typos, the media pounced. On just the morning news shows of ABC, CBS and NBC, there was a baffling ten minutes of coverage devoted to speculating about what Trump meant by this cryptic word that in context was clearly supposed to mean “coverage.”

5. MSNBC’s Katy Tur Lost Sleep Over Trump’s Twitter Typo, Fears Nuclear War


On Wednesday afternoon, MSNBC anchor Katy Tur was freaking out over President Trump’s overnight Twitter typo, even to the point of absurdly warning that the commander-in-chief’s use of social media could lead to a nuclear war.

6. ABC, CBS Ignore House Subpoenas to Obama Officials, NBC Touts Clinton


On Wednesday, the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) were all over the latest developments in the Russia investigation saga. They mainly focused on how former FBI Director James Comey received permission from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to speak to Congress. Among the developments that didn’t make the cut for ABC’s and CBS’s evening programming, were a series of subpoenas issued by the House to former high-ranking members of the Obama administration for improper unmasking. Instead, they mentioned those issued to Trump associates.

7. The View Campaigns for Non-Existent 2020 Presidential Candidate Chelsea Clinton


Chelsea Clinton is making her rounds in the media this week to promote her new children’s feminist book, (that includes a special cameo of her mother!), aptly titled “She Persisted.” After one fawning interview on NBC’s Today show Tuesday, Clinton was ready for another cushy interview on Wednesday’s The View.

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