Media BiASSed: Ooops…Not Their Narrative!!

1. ABC Omits Comey Testimony Exposing AG Lynch as Clinton Campaigner


In addition to his testimony about President Trump on Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey testified on the suspicious actions of Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch during the 2016 campaign. Comey recalled how Lynch told him to refer to the Clinton e-mail investigation as something other than what it was. When it came to the coverage from the Big Three Networks, ABC ignored it while CBS and NBC stepping in.

2. CNN’s King: Republicans Want People to ‘Dramatically Lower the Bar’ for Presidency


After the much hyped James Comey Senate hearing Thursday, CNN’s John King took a shot at Republicans later that afternoon. He argued that they wanted to “dramatically lower the standard for being President of the United States.”

3. Matthews’s Comey Freak Out: Trump Is Worse Than Nixon!


Chris Matthews freaked out over James Comey’s testimony in front on Congress on Thursday, assailing Donald Trump as worse than Richard Nixon and sneering that the current President isn’t “used to the fact that he’s constrained by the Constitution.”

4. NBC: No ‘Smoking Gun’ From Comey, But ‘Horrendous Day’ for Trump


During an NBC News special report immediately following James Comey’s congressional testimony on Thursday, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd admitted that there was no “smoking gun” in any of the statements from the former FBI director, but still insisted that it was a “horrendous day” for the Trump administration.

5. CBS: Comey Gave ‘Every Indication’ Trump Is ‘in Fact,’ ‘May Be’ Under Investigation


One of the largest revelations to come out of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s public hearing with former FBI Director James Comey on Thursday was that President Trump was not under investigation. That fact didn’t seem to sit well with CBS’s John Dickerson when he appeared during CBS News Special Report after the hearing. Almost desperately, Dickerson tried to argue Trump had to be under scrutiny, “So, a President who was once concerned about not being under investigation those actions he took may now, in fact, make him under investigation.”

6. WashPost: Comey ‘Laid Out the Case’ for Obstruction; Except He Didn’t Say That


The Washington Post and journalists at ABC hear what they want to hear. The Post in a headline on Thursday declared that James Comey “laid out the case that President Trump obstructed justice.” After the hearings, ABC suggested that Comey intended “to lay out the facts and hope there is a prosecution for obstruction of justice.”

7. CNN’s Stelter Frets: Is Putin the ‘Winner’ After Today’s Comey Hearing?


During CNN’s live post-Comey hearing coverage Thursday afternoon, CNN’s Reliable Sources host and resident conservative media basher Brian Stelter accused the right of creating a “side show” out of today’s hearing. Instead of taking aim at Comey’s troubling admission today, that he purposefully leaked his private conversations with the president to The New York Times, Stelter adamantly defended that decision.


2 thoughts on “Media BiASSed: Ooops…Not Their Narrative!!”

  1. so funny…you think you’re smart..can’t even correctly spell ‘biased’…religious sick boob.

    1. Hmmm…Biased is what the leftist media and most DemocRATS are today..BiASSed pretty much covers their commentary and them.
      Now go back to Mom’s basement, like a good little leftist…
      Stay there until you see something that offends your point of view.
      Then come out and troll again!!
      And no I am not a ‘religious sick boob’!
      I am a Christian, but I know in your little world you can’t accept that!

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