Media BiASSed: Contemptible Tabloids….

1. CBS Asserts AG Sessions Should Be Held in Contempt of Congress


Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday, where he was grilled in regards to the Russia investigation. Sessions drew criticism from many by appearing to be evasive on some questions in regards to his communications with President Trump. This did not sit well with CBS Evening News, where Anchor Scott Pelley chided that “today, the attorney general was more measured [than Trump], even though he declined to answer some of the most revealing questions.”

2. Chuck Todd: Sessions Must ‘Re-establish His Own Credibility’ After He ‘Badly Damaged’ Justice Dept.


During an NBC News special report moments before Attorney General Jeff Sessions began his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday afternoon, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd argued that the Justice Department chief had “a couple of different challenges” to face in the hearing and would have to “re-establish his own credibility.”

3. Shock: CBS Examines Legality of Comey Leaking Memo to Press


Could James Comey have broken the law? In a day dedicated to live testimony of Jeff Sessions about the Russian investigation, two journalists at CBS actually circled back to a potentially big problem for Comey and his liberal defenders: Whether or not he broke the law by leaking documents to the media.

4. CBS: Trump-Killing Play Simply ‘Echoing the Political Environment in Which It’s Produced’


CBS This Morning on Tuesday broke with NBC and actually covered a shocking New York play in which a Donald Trump lookalike is stabbed to death. Yet, journalist Jamie Wax offered a one-sided take, only citing those who praised the blood-soaked adaption of the Shakespeare play. He dismissed, “What’s remarkable about Julius Caesar is that it seems to always echo the political environment in which it’s produced.”

5. MSNBC Host Agrees With Lib Donor: Republicans ‘on Crazy Train’


With the completely un-newsworthy chyron “Democratic Donor Calling for Trump’s Impeachment” plastered across the screen, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle brought on liberal super-donor Tom Steyer so that she could ask him what options liberals had to get rid of President Trump, since Republicans “are not getting off” of “that crazy train.”

6. Ridiculous: Whoopi Makes Absurd Claim About Trump’s Relationship With the Media


Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich appeared on Tuesday’s The View where he was grilled by the panel on Comey, the media and Trump. The liberal hosts constantly tried to pin him in a corner but Gingrich kept his cool, even after the hosts denied basic facts regarding Clinton’s email investigation. Finally the interview ended with host Whoopi Goldberg making a ridiculous assertion, based on absolutely nothing, about Trump’s relationship with the media.

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