Media BiASSed: Leftists Hacks…

1. Shameful: Journalists Immediately Politicize Congressional Shooting With Gun Control Calls


Minutes after Representative Steve Scalise and several congressional aides on Wednesday were shot while practicing for a baseball game, journalists on MSNBC and Twitter immediately politicized the attempted massacre, offering calls for gun control.

2. Andrea Mitchell Fears Shooter’s Dem Activism Will Be ‘Swept Up’ by ‘Partisans’


On her 12 p.m. ET hour show on Wednesday, MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell was worried that the clear Democratic affiliation and left-wing activism of the shooter who attacked members of Congress was going to be “swept up” in coverage of the violence and exploited by “partisans.”

3. MSNBC Analyst Who Called for Terrorist Attack Now Bashing Guns for Today’s Shooting


After journalists and celebrities gushed about gun control on Twitter after this morning’s shooting of GOP Rep. Steve Scalise, some members of the media took their partisan advocacy on air. MSNBC’s counter-terrorism expert Malcolm Nance admitted to anchor Brian Williams during the 11 am hour, that he cared less about the motives behind today’s shooting than how the shooter obtained his gun.

4. After GOP Shooting, CBS Spotlights Anti-Hillary ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant While Talking Political Violence


In the hours after a mass shooting by a Bernie Sanders-supporting, anti-Trump individual, CBS’s live coverage on Wednesday strangely cited the Hillary Clinton “lock her up” chant during a discussion on political violence. A few minutes after reading a litany of James T. Hodgkinson’s social media rants, Charlie Rose shifted, “Clearly we saw that during a campaign.”

5. So Much for Civility: Matthews Smears Trump and ‘Weaselly’ Cabinet After Shooting


After the horrific news broke that a politically motivated gunman opened fire on Congressional Republicans Wednesday, there was a collective call from politicos to be more responsible with the rhetoric they use as so not to promote hate. Apparently, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews didn’t get the memo as he took to his show, Hardball and proceeded to smear Republicans. “Good evening. I’m Chris Matthews in Washington. Donald Trump and his ties with Moscow remain the big story here even on a day struck by violence,” he announced as he started his show.

6. Class: Nets Avoid Pushing Gun-Control In Wake of Scalise Shooting


The Washington, D.C. area and political junkies around the country were left in a state of shock Wednesday, in the wake of the horrific attack on Congressional Republicans at a baseball field. As would be expected, the shooting dominated the evening broadcasts of the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC). But in a pleasant twist, all three avoided pushing the liberal talking points for gun-control. While at the same time, welcoming President Trump’s unifying address.


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