Republican Congressional candidate and her neighbors receive suspicious packages, and shots were fired a a truck waving a pro-Trump flag

Unhinged does not quite cover Democrat nut jobs..

America's Watchtower

  If you thought that maybe after Steve Scalice and several others were shot by an alt-leftist yesterday the left might tone down their violent rhetoric and antics you were sadly mistaken. Early returns on Twitter showed the alt-left was indeed upset with the shooting, but only because it was not worse than it was. Then shortly after the shooting Representative Tenney of New York received an email with the ominous subject line “One down, 216 to go…

  And it has only continued today: First; Karen Handel, who is running for a Congressional seat in Georgia, along with all of her neighbors, received suspicious packages with white powder and a rather vile note.

 Here is the content of the note, I apologize in advance for the language. The note includes one of the most vile misogynistic words imaginable and another horrible display of vulgarity.

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