Media BiASSed: Sick Leftists…

1. Joy Reid’s Crass Career of Attacking Conservatives


With Congressman Steve Scalise still recovering from an attack by a crazed leftist, MSNBC’s Joy Reid couldn’t keep from politicizing the tragedy as she took a cheap shot at the congressman’s record. On June 17 the host of AM Joy tweeted “Rep. #Scalise was shot by a white man with a violent background, and saved by a black lesbian police officer, and yet…” Sadly, Reid’s inability to put her leftist agenda aside, even while Congressman Scalise was in the hospital, is reflective of her MSNBC career.

2. Seriously? CBS Examines ‘Civility,’ But Skips Attempted Slaughter of Republicans


The journalists at CBS This Morning on Tuesday examined the lack of civility in America and, somehow, managed to avoid discussing the attempted slaughter of Republican members of Congress by a rage-filled Bernie Sanders supporter. Trying to murder your political opponents would seem to be a rather uncivil action.

3. She Went There: Maddow Laments ‘Partisan Implications’ of ‘Bad Weather’ for Georgia Election


Folks, you had to know it would happen. When it became clear on Tuesday that Georgia Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff was going to blow tens of millions of dollars and lose to Republican Karen Handel, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow suggested that heavy rain in Georgia had “partisan implications” that affected the special election.

4. CNN’s Chalian: No ‘Moral Victory Here’ for Dems in Georgia Defeat


Newly elected Congresswoman Karen Handel handily handed a humiliating defeat to her opponent Jon Ossoff Tuesday night. Handel won the blockbuster race by almost four percent, a stunning victory in a race many thought she would lose. The liberal media desperately made the race into a referendum on President Trump. But according to the numbers, Handel beat Ossoff by a larger margin than Trump beat Hillary Clinton. As liberals frantically tried to change the meaning of the election, CNN’s David Chalian appearing on CNN Tonight and declared that “I don’t think there are moral victories here.”

5. Irony: Matthews Mocks Sean Spicer as ‘Generalissimo Franco,’ White House as a ‘Clown Show’


On Tuesday’s Hardball, MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews lacked any sense of irony, mocking the Trump administration and specifically White House press secretary Sean Spicer as a “clown show” with Spicer’s rumored departure from the briefing room podium reducing him to the sequel of the old SNL riffs about Spanish dictator Generalissimo Franco.

6. Whining CNN Delivers ‘Speech’ on Trump’s ‘Bad’ Treatment of Press


The journalists on CNN prove daily that they are members of the opposition party when it comes to the President. Inside Politics host John King on Tuesday delivered a whining “speech” about Donald Trump’s “bad” treatment of journalists. Specifically complaining about press access, King huffed, “There’s a bigger issue about White House transparency and secrecy.”

7. Nets Join The Resistance, Cheer Dems Railing Against Health Care Bill


On Tuesday, the network morning shows celebrated Democrats engaging in a partisan stunt on Senate floor late into Monday night as they accused Republicans of supposedly crafting health care reform legislation “shrouded in secrecy.” None of the broadcasts bothered to point out the blatant hypocrisy of Democrats whining about the process after they themselves used secretive tactics to shove through ObamaCare in 2010.


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