Democrats Cause Violence

We knew this!!!


Wounded Republican politician. Image from CNN.

A Bernie Sanders supporter tried to kill Republican politicians.  The murderer wanted to kill these politicians because their political beliefs differed from his.  Before they retracted the statement in embarrassment, the New York Times editorial board blamed Governor Sarah Palin for the political violence.  I believe The Times inadvertent confession.  The Democrats mouthpiece, the New York Times, wants to blame Republicans.  They want to incite violence.   They need to.

How did the “free love” generation morph into the “kill everyone who disagrees with me” mob?  How did “question authority” turn into “free speech is violence?”  How did the “free speech” fundamentalists turn conservative speech in to “violence” and socialist violence into “free speech”?

The “how” of the transformation is step-by-step.  The “why” is explained by desperation.  In short, they had to.  Libertarians and small government conservatives remind the Democrats of their sins.  Today…

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