Can’t Get There From Here

I get to experience the same troubles daily on my commute to work in Robbinsdale. From 50 miles south…Over the river in Burnsville which can be a pain if you time it wrong.

The Crosstown to 100 can be iffy at best and same with 100. Especially since they have 169 closed, both ways!!

That’s going to work everyday! Coming home is even more interesting since both Eastbound Hwy 62 (Crosstown) and Eastbound 494 are generally parking lots. 100 to Normandale was my escape route. But they have Normandale(2 years now!!) under construction in Bloomington. Had been taking 84th over to France. Now they have a project going on 84th!

So it’s 70th to France now…Just to get to 35W, where traffic is moving or not…

And I just survived the last two years of 100 being rebuilt..

Cripes..I need to find somewhere to work where I can avoid the Metro entirely…

Somebody has their head up their ass apparently at MnDot. Of course the DFL celebrates all the road construction because they are ‘creating’ jobs..Something they do not like the private sector doing..

Source: Mr. Dilettante’s Neighborhood: Can’t Get There From Here


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